Pressure Washing for Dummies

A pressure washer is like a garden hose combined with an air compressor. Either an electrical motor, or a gas-fueled engine power a water pump. That water pump speeds up the water, feeding in from a garden hose connected at one end.Understanding Pressure washing pressure washing is a cleaning method that is used outdoors to clean decks among other things. It utilizes a mechanical pump that releases water under high pressure through the nozzle of a handheld hose that controls the flow of the water.Pressure Washing 101 Learn the Basic of Pressure Washing from Top Gun. We all want to live in a clean, healthy and well-maintained community.Whether it is a community of single-family homes or a multi-unit complex, we live in the south and we all face the same common dilemma; everything gets dirty and you can leave the washing up for later. A sexologist has claimed that the. first – such as holding hands when you’re.Find our top load washer reviews, comparison charts and buying guides to help you buy the best top load washer for spic and span clothes. Best Top Load Washer for Home Use Speed Queen AWN432S : If you’re in the market for the most durable and functional top load washer, the AWN432S is an absolute beast.Pressure washing your deck should be viewed as regular preventative maintenance. If you are careful and routinely wash your deck each year, followed by application of an appropriate sealer, your wood deck will last for decades.A pressure cleaning can make the task a lot simpler and more efficient on the decks, fences, walls, and siding that are crawling with mold and other unmentionables. Pressure cleaning is also an effective solution to get drive ways, garage floors, and windows cleaned along with exterior pre-painting treatments when done by a trained professional.DO follow the equipment manufacturer’s directions with respect to distance between the spray head and the surface — typically 6" to 10" while power washing, although this varies with the PSI and spray width settings. (Moving too close may harm the surface; staying too far away may be ineffective.).